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Why the IIT-JEE pattern was changed
The IIT-JEE reforms sought to be introduced by the human resources development ministry have sparked a national debate in India. While the HRD ministry states the new exam pattern is an attempt to curb students' over-dependence on coaching classes and to bring some respectability to the board exams, coaching classes and a section of students question the need for introducing the reforms in the middle of the academic year without prior warning. More>>

Defining the IIT brand
It is useful to recall the circumstances in which it was born, and subsequently nurtured. Although the Nalini Ranjan Sarkar Committee had submitted its report in 1946, it was after independence that action was taken on the report. More >>

The distinctive feature
The unique achievement has been that it has become free India's industrial leadership institute. The mandate of this institution has been to achieve the rapid industrialisation of the nation through the development of outstanding industrial leaders in three areas: research into engineering sciences, development of industrial technology and development of industrial leadership More >>

Developing a brand plan
Thus, a winning proposition has been very clearly established, viz. IIT is India's foremost industrial leadership development institution. It cannot be assured that place in the future unless it follows a virtuous cycle of building the brand. No brand can be strengthened without continuous improvement of the basic product in tune with changing market needs. IIT administrations have their work cut out for them. More >>

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