Question Papers for JEE-2006:

The Joint Entrance Exam contains three different papers such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with equal weightage and each having duration of 2 hours. The Screening Test will have objective-type questions and give the answers of these questions on special machine gradable only using HB pencil. Negative marking system is also their.

Language of Question Papers:

Candidates have the options for question papers. They can choose language Hindi or English. At the time of filling form, the option must be used. After that option can not be changed.

Use of Calculators and Log Tables:

Use of log tables and calculators are NOT permitted in the Screening as well as in Main Examination of JEE-2006.

Aptitude Test for B. Arch. and B. Des.:

Candidates called for the counseling and wishing for joining the B. Architecture and B. Des. Courses will be needed for qualifying in Aptitude Test which is take place at every counseling institute on 23rd June 2006. In the afternoon test will be for two hours from 10.00am to 12.00pm. Candidates who are unable to pass this exam will not able to tae admission for B.Arch. or the B. Des.

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