JEE 2007 have two papers with three hour each. These papers contain questions from chemistry, physics and mathematics. Each paper has three subsections and contains the questions from three subjects without sectional time limit.

As compared to the last exam, in this new pattern 20 percent time is minimized from first examination to last examination. As per the last exam, if interval is of 2 hours then student will be in exam zone for 8 hours rather than 10 hours.

In new pattern papers will be reduced from 3 to 2 which also helps student in minimizing stress. Testing time remains as it is, students are trained for looking at problems.

Chemistry, physics and mathematics are the test areas and this one is soothing factor for students. If student is unable to perform well in first paper then he has the chance to get in the next paper. It is important that one hour is allotted for each subject in a paper. Under the time stress, student can get chance to perform well in his favorite subject. Student has the chance to bounce back in second paper. If question's pattern is same in second paper then student will perform well in second time.

If both question papers follow the same pattern that is multiple choice formats then student will give assurance that there will not be any difference from patter of last year. Numbers of combinations are same as last year but testing will remain the same.

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