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Selection Of Coaching Institutes

This is one of the most important topics which often decides your rank and hence your career. Hence discussion on this topic is indispensible. IIT- JEE coaching has become far too commercialised. Hundreds of coaching institutes have come into existence, claiming hundreds of ranks. It is the student who falls prey to all these gimmicks and often ends up with either a low rank of failure at JEE. So before joining any coaching institute you should see that the institute should have a strong reputation. Some tips for choosing the right institute are:

  • See how old the institute is.
  • How many students of the coaching institute got into IIT last year. (Ideally should be greater than 40). Ask the institute to give phone nos. of the successfull students, so that you can confirm.
  • Talk to 3 or 4 students(should be studious)who are already studying in that institute.Ask them what they feel about the teachers and the management(very important!) of that institute.
  • See the experience of the faculty
  • See the level of problems in the assignments and whether the study material is regularly updated or not.
  • By what do they plan to finish the syllabus
  • Finally, see if your parents can pay the fees(generally very huge).
For students living in areas with no coaching institutes or transportation problems, a postal coaching is a must. Some tips for postal coaching are:
  • Most important tip is that the coaching institute that you choose should have a very strong reputation.
  • See whether the sets are despatched on time.
  • Talk to students who have already enrolled for that institute, and what they feel about the depth of coverage and problem sets.
  • See how many postal tests, on-the-spot tests and lecture sessions are there. These are must for removing doubts and strengthening the concepts.
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