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Temperal Balance

  • Keep your cool during the paper. If you feel you are getting flustered, close your eyes for some time to regain your composure and concentration.
  • Keep yourself in a cheerful and positive mood.
  • If you feel tension rising during the paper, take deep breaths to release tension.
  • Do not get demotivated or overexcited on seeing the question paper. Keep your balance. Demotivation will make even easy questions appear tough and overconfidence will make you commit silly mistakes.
  • Do not get depressed by tough questions. Instead remind yourself that these questions are tough for every aspirant.
  • Do not get emotionally attached to any question. It is not necessary that you will be able to solve a question from topics you have prepared well.
  • Do not worry about the minimum cut-off marks for JEE. No one knows about the cut-off for sure, but no one has ever been rejected on the basis of any subject-wise minimum cut-off.
  • Do not argue with anyone about anything before the test.
  • Have faith in God and in yourself. Whatever happens to you will be for the best.

Keep depressing thoughts away

  • First of all, realize that you are not the only one facing anxiety. Each IIT-JEE aspirant is facing the same dilemma.
  • Also realize that if you have studied even 60% of JEE syllabus properly, you need not harbour negative thoughts. Your success at the screening test is ensured.
  • Whenever you feel tensed, start a countdown from 50 to 1. It will help you release tension.
  • Light stretching exercise also helps reduce pent-up tension.
  • If you are feeling tensed, do not suffer alone. The company of friends and light chit-chat will help you divert your mind from negative thoughts.
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